About us

Environment & Millennium Targets LTD, (EMT) comprises a team of experienced consultants

who render advisory and Training consultancy services in environment management,

climate change, sustainable development and sustainable resource management.

EMT offers research support and assistance, trainings and coaching for capacity building

and professional development in environment, sustainability, environmental journalism,

occupational health and safety and environmental litigation.


Environment & Millennium Targets Ltd. (EMT) is an Environment and Sustainable

Development company registered and incorporated in Nigeria in July 2012 under the

COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990 of the Corporate Affairs Commission Federal

Republic of Nigeria. The company is limited by shares.

EMT’s primary area of business concern is Training, Research, Development and Capacity building. Our board of directors and team are 90% Nigerian.

EMT has a vision to expand its operational services with 5% of its team/BOD coming from a mix of sub-Saharan Africa, and the remaining 5% drawn from Europe, America, Caribbean and Asia.

We draw our existence and pledge our commitment and allegiance to these historical key milestones and foundations already established by the United Nations through UNEP and world governments in collaboration with civil society’s and nongovernmental organizations (NGO’s)

These texts, declarations and MEA’s which govern our existence, actions and corporate mission include inter alia:

UN-1972 Stockholm declaration on human environment

UN- 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

UN – 1987 (Brundtland) world commission on Environment and Development Report – “Our common future”

UN–2002 Johannesburg Earth summit on sustainable development.

UN – 2012 Rio+20 World Conference on sustainable Development ‘’future we want’’

UN – 1992 Action plan for Development – “Agenda 21”

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a key player and professional team playing active role towards creating awareness that will enhance the understanding and achievement of the principles, objectives, targets and goals set in the UN Sustainable Development Goals -SDG, Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEA’s) as well as the various declarations made by the united Nations conferences on environment and development starting from Stockholm (1972) to Rio in 2012 and other future conferences that may be held on human environment and sustainable development. A vision to achieve the future we want.

Our Mission

To promote and sustain environmental sustainability through delivering and facilitating of interactive and innovative trainings, research and publication of outstanding informative and educative journal on environment and development.

Core Values & Ethics

We shall at all times share and accept following as our core values and operational ethics Professionalism, respect, transparency, equality and cultural diversity Profile of Directors, Consultants, advisors and  Consulting support trainers.


” EMT-CREED is governed and managed by a management team and board of directors from diverse professional background and cultures and with specialized skills, competency and expertise in many fields such as knowledge management, knowledge communications and knowledge sharing, research support, project reporting, performance evaluation, training and learning Programme development amongst several others.

EMT-CREED management and board of directors receive periodic advisory support on the areas of performance improvement, business development opportunities, future synergy and collaborations, new research initiatives and innovations in climate change, environmental health and safety and sustainable development from a country based Principal Consultant and Advisor.

This advisory and consultancy position is made through board appointment for a 5 – five years term which is renewable upon an assessment of performance by the board and following due satisfaction.

The current serving Principal Consultant and advisor is: Sir Patricks-E, Chinemerem (KSJI), a Nigerian and a serving member of the Developing Countries committee of IFTDO- International Federation of Training and Development Organizations.

See his brief profile and Resume below:

Sir Chinemerem Patricks is an accredited Viral Change Practitioner from Dr. Leandro Herrero of Viral Change Global LLP, London, UK. He earned the prestigious UNITAR Certificate in International Environmental Law (IEL) in 2010 following his successful completion of the course. He is an international research, training and development consultant in Safety, Environment and Sustainable Development as well as a consultant groundwater management geologist. He holds a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Geology from the Department of Geology, University of Calabar, Nigeria, as well as an M.Phil degree in Environmental Management from the Institute of Geosciences and Space Technology (IGST) of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Nigeria.

He is currently a PhD research student in SHE Culture and Climate change VIMA+.  He was trained by Saipem in Safety Leadership/Behavioural Safety (LiHS) in 2008 at the ENI Corporate University in Milan, Italy.  He earned the University of Geneva Coursera certificate in Climate Change Adaptation: The case of Small Island Developing States – SIDS in 2015 and the UNITAR/UN: CC Learn Certificate in Climate Change impacts, vulnerability assessment and mitigation/adaptation planning in 2014. Patricks Chinemerem is an EMS Lead auditor following his certification to ISO 14001:2004 EMS standard in 2013 and a transition course to ISO 14001:2015 in June 2016.  He has extensive international exposure and experiences in Europe and America. Notable ones include his training at the ENI Corporate University, San Donato, Milan – Italy and the International School of Havana, Miramar, Havana – Cuba. He is a member of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS), Nigerian Environmental Society (MNES) and the Nigerian Institute of Training & Development (NITAD). He is a vibrant conference speaker and an emerging corporate environmental litigation support service advisor. He is the author to the following books: “The Solid Mineral Resources of Kogi State for the Small Scale Operator” published in 1999.”That Question” published in 1997.”Scientific Expert Witnessing in Environmental Litigation” (Published in 2010), Building a Career in Environmental Journalism (2012), Understanding climate Change (2013) and “Environment & Sustainable Development in Oil and Gas Exploration….. (2015). He earned the prestigious award and certification of a UK NEBOSH Diploma in environmental management, a British Safety Council HAZOP certificate as well as the OSHAcademy HSE Trainer certification all in February 2013. He has been involved in training, research and knowledge management and development for several reputable organizations and multinationals since the year 2002.

Environment Management courses

    Biodiversity Protection and Conservation

    Environmental Journalism

    Water Resources (Groundwater/surface Waters) management

    Energy Resources Management

    Environmental Governance & Sustainable Development

    Climate Change – adaptation/ CDM

Spill  prevention& Spill emergency Response/ preparedness

    Environmental Impact assessment ( EIA)

    Environmental Litigation support ( Application of scientific evidences/witnessing and International Environmental Laws (IEL)

    Multilateral Environmental Negotiation

    Pollution prevention, Control & Remediation ( air, water, soil, noise)

    Waste management


Our services include:

Environmental Management, Research, Training & Development, Environmental Journalism & Information Dissemination, Environmental Litigation Support, Geological & Geophysical Assessment, Groundwater Management, Flood & Erosion Control, Air, Water & Soil Quality Monitoring, Laboratory Analysis, Biodiversity conservation, Climate Change & Sustainability advisory campaign.

Operational Departments:

Environmental Management (EM)Department: Assigned with the responsibility to carry out Flood & Erosion Control, Air, Water & Soil Quality Monitoring, Laboratory Analysis, Biodiversity conservation, Environmental impact assessment (EIA), waste management, and environmental audits and inspections, pollution prevention and control. Research, Training & Development (RTD) Department: Shall be responsible for all related environmental including HR trainings and development. Programmes & Package Management Department: Shall be responsible for all programmes, events, campaigns and awareness projects such as seminars, workshops, rallies, World environment day –WED event celebration, conferences etc. Environmental Journalism & Information Dissemination Department: Shall take care of all publications such as journals, bulletins, magazines, newsletters and other related literatures including information valuable to environmental journalist.

Environmental Litigation Support & Geological & Geophysical Assessment Department:

Shall be in charge to coordinate and manage all  Groundwater management issues, scientific and geoscientific expert evidences and witnessing necessary to help or provide support in determining the outcome and judgment during environmental lawsuits and litigation.