Management Board

Dr.(Sir) Patricks-E, Chinemerem (KSJI),

” EMT-CREED is governed and managed by a management team and board of directors from diverse professional background and cultures and with specialized skills, competency and expertise in many fields such as knowledge management, knowledge communications and knowledge sharing, research support, project reporting, performance evaluation, training and learning Programme development amongst several others.

EMT-CREED management and board of directors receive periodic advisory support on the areas of performance improvement, business development opportunities, future synergy and collaborations, new research initiatives and innovations in climate change, environmental health and safety and sustainable development from a country based Principal Consultant and Advisor.

This advisory and consultancy position is made through board appointment for a 5 – five years term which is renewable upon an assessment of performance by the board and following due satisfaction.

The current serving Principal Consultant and advisor is: Sir Patricks-E, Chinemerem (KSJI), a Nigerian and a serving member of the Developing Countries committee of IFTDO- International Federation of Training and Development Organizations.

See his brief profile and Resume below:

Dr. (Sir) Chinemerem Patricks is a research, knowledge exchange/learning and development Consultant. He is an accredited Viral Change Practitioner from Prof. Leandro Herrero of Viral Change Global LLP, Chalfont Project, London, United Kingdom. He earned the prestigious certificate in International Environmental Law (IEL) in 2010 from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) following his successful completion of the course. He also earned the University of Geneva certificate in Climate Change Adaptation: The Case of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) as well as the UNCC Learn certificate course in Climate Change (with emphasis on impact on Health & Cities). He consults and researches on critical issues bothering on Environment, Sustainable Development, climate change, Occupational Health & Safety and groundwater resource management advisory.

He holds a B.Sc (Hons) degree in Geology (1998), an M.Phil degree in Environmental Management (2008), a PhD in Safety Leadership & Behavioural Safety (2015), an MSc in Climate Change Risk Management (VIMA+ Plus specialization-2017) and PhD in Environment & Sustainability (2018). The author has extensive international exposure and experiences in Europe and America. He had his early primary and college education from the International School of Havana, (formerly called Foreign Students School, Havana (FSS, Havana) at Miramar in Havana – Cuba.

Dr. Patricks Chinemerem is the Principal Consultant for Climate Solutions Research & Knowledge Exchange for Environment & Millennium Targets Ltd. He is an IFTDO Expert attached to the WG-11, ISO TC/260 on New Standard for Learning & Development. He was a former Member of IFTDO Developing Countries Committee and currently he is a Member of IFTDO International Projects Committee. He serves as a Consultant & Visiting Lecturer to the Centre for Occupational Health, Safety & Environment (COHSE), University of Port Harcourt and the Centre for Petroleum Geoscience (CPG), University of Port Harcourt.

He is a chattered waste manager (CWMgr) and member Waste Management Society of Nigeria (WAMASON). He is also a registered member of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (MNMGS), a member of Nigerian Environmental Society (MNES) and a member of Nigerian Institute of Training & Development – MITD (NITAD). He is the author to the following books:”The Solid Mineral Resources of Kogi State for the Small Scale Operator” published in 1999.”That Question” published in 1997.”Scientific Expert Witnessing in Environmental Litigation” (Published in 2010) and Building a Career in Environmental Journalism (2012). He also published the books- Environment & Sustainable Development in Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (2015). He Co-authored the book “Niger Delta Forests & Vegetation Cover (2020). He has published several scholarly papers and articles in major journals. Dr. Patricks heads the editorial board of ClimateTimes news (ISSN: 2449-1470), SHE Culture Journal (ISSN: 2736-0350) and La Tierra (ISSN: 1597-2011).

Patricks Chinemerem holds a NEBOSH Diploma in environmental management, an OSHAcademy HSE Trainer certification and an IRCA ISO 14001 Lead Auditor certification and several other certifications in Environment and Safety. He has been involved in training, research and development for several reputable organizations and multinational industries since the year 2001. He has travelled widely across the world speaking and presenting at major conferences on various themes and subjects cutting across Climate change, Waste management, Safety Leadership, Behavioural safety, Sustainable development, and Environmental litigation support.

He is a knight of the Catholic church-belonging to the ancient and noble order of Knights of St. John International. (KSJI)