EMT Climate Change Pledge

Climate change is the greatest challenge of our time. It is a challenge of managing risks. Risks toeconomies, risks to ecosystems and human systems, risks to health ,urban infrastructure, agriculture,tourism, livelihoods and lifestyles, Hence, the well being of our people and those of our social,economic and biophysical environment are our fundamental concern. Reducing vulnerability andincreasing resilience becomes an urgent need. To build climate resilience, to achieve environmentalsustainability and improve living standards, quality of life and overall environmental performancerequires our time, combined efforts, relentless and passionate commitment and above all courageand willingness to make change. We need to build human and infrastructural capacities towards aclimate change knowledge economy that supports innovative thinking (innovation), creative research,learning and development. Bridging the knowledge gap and skill deficit to climate change problemsolving is crucial. We emphasize in a most candid and strong way, that there is no conflict betweenour present needs and demands for production and consumption with environmental sustainabilitybecause in the long run, the more sustainable our production and consumption patterns are, themore we can guarantee a sustainable environment that will ensure a better life style and wellbeingfor our people. We will need legislations, laws, rules and guidelines for sure, but what we need mostis a strong, sound and positive environmental health and safety culture where polluting or degradingthe environment is simply unacceptable and unforgivable. A culture where environmental health andsafety is a constant priority and most cherished value. A culture where respecting and defending ourenvironment, its resources and its quality is as important as respecting and defending the othervalues of life. We need leaders and champions to propagate and cascade the message and vision for ahealthy and safe environment. We need commitment and personal actions to ensure sustainabledevelopment. We need a change in our behaviours, we need to adopt, engage and influence otherswith positive, sound environmental behaviours. We need to become champions, vanguards andcrusaders for environmental sustainability and climate change impact reduction. Therefore, let’ssupport mitigation and adaptation, let’s build resilience and let’s promote sustainability. Together wecan.

Environment & Millennium Targets LTD, (EMT) comprises a team of experienced consultants

who render advisory and Training consultancy services in environment management,

climate change, sustainable development and sustainable resource management.

EMT offers research support and assistance, trainings and coaching for capacity building

and professional development in environment, sustainability, environmental journalism,

occupational health and safety and environmental litigation.

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